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İlhan Uzgel (Prof.Dr.)
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İlhan Uzgel


1997 Ph.D. Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences, International Relations

1994-95 M.Phil. Cambridge University, (St. Edmund’s College)
Centre of International Studies

1986-89 M.A. Ankara University, Faculty of Political Science, International Relations

1982-86 B.A. Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Uludag University


2007 Direct Access to the Middle East Program, sponsored by the State Department, carried out by the Fulbright Commission

2005 Short term seminar and workshop participation in Tokyo with an invitation by the Japan Foundation (March 2005)

2003 Fulbright visiting scholar at Georgetown University, Washington DC (September 2003- March 2004)

1999 Visiting scholar at American University, Washington DC with a grant provided by the Turkish Academy of Sciences (June-September)

1997 Research at the London School of Economics, with a grant from the Sasakawa Young Leadership

1994 The European Commission Jean Monnet Grant used for the M.Phil program at Cambridge University

1992 Research at the London School of Economics, with a British Council Grant (September 1992- March 1993)


2008 Member of the Non-Traditional Security Issues Group

2008 Member of the working group “Imagining the Other” A Project carried out by the Council of Europe

2007 Short term visiting lecturer at Chuo University, Tokyo (June-July)

2007 Short term visiting lecturer at Oklahoma City University and Central University of Oklahoma (January-March)

2004-2007 Part time Lecturer in International Cyprus University, Nicosia, Turkish Republic of Cyprus

2003-present Associate Professor, Department of International Relations, Faculty of Political Science

2003-present Editor of the Turkish Yearbook of International Relations

2001-present Assistant Professor and Deputy Head of Department of International Relations, Faculty of Political Science

1998-2003 Occasional lecturer at the National Security Academy, Ankara

1996-99 Occasional lecturer at the Faculty of Communication, Ankara University

1997-2003 Occasional lecturer at the Centre of European Union Studies

1994 Participant in Salzburg seminar on “Religion, Ethnicity and National Identity”

1988-1996 Research Assistant at the Faculty of Political Science


2007 “Transformation in Turkish Foreign Policy Writing,” International Relations, (Ankara) vol. 4, no. pp.113-128. (In Turkish)

2007 “AKP Experience” Mulkiye, no 252 (June 2007) (Guest editor and contributor) (In Turkish)

2007 “The Foreign Policy of the AKP Government: from Geopolitical Location to Strategic Model,” Mulkiye, no. 252. (June 2007) pp. 69-84.

2006 “Think Tanks and Foreign Policy,” Kavram Sozlugu, Ankara. (In Turkish)

2006 “The End of an Illusion: Turkey’s Regional Power Status in the Balkans,” Mustafa Aydın and Cagri Erhan, eds., Turkey in the Five Seas Basin, Ankara, Siyasal, 219-356pp. (In Turkish)

2004 National Interest and Foreign Policy: The Role of National Interest in the Making of Turkish Foreign Policy ,1983-1991, Ankara, Imge Publications. 450pp. (In Turkish)

2004 “Where does the Military Lie in Foreign Policy?” Ahmet İnsel and Ali Bayramoğlu, eds., The Military in Turkey: A Party, A Caste, Istanbul, Birikim Publications, p. 311-334. (In Turkish)

2003 “Between Praetorianism and Democracy: the Role of the Military in Turkish Foreign Policy” Turkish Yearbook of International Relations, vol. 34, pp.177-212.

2003 “The US Intervention in Iraq as an Indication of Hegemonic Crisis,” Mülkiye, (Ankara) vol. 25, no. 240, pp. 53-70. (In Turkish)

2003 “The Paradox of Modernization and Securitization: the Turkish
Military vs the European Union,” Observatory of European Foreign Policy, EU-Turkish Relations Dossier EUTR 9/2003

2001 Turkey’s Neighbors, Mustafa Turkes and Ilhan Uzgel, eds., Ankara, Imge Publications. (In Turkish, 474 p.)

2001 “The Making of Turkish Foreign Policy,” in Baskin Oran, ed., Turkish Foreign Policy, 1919-2000, vol. I, Istanbul, Iletisim. (In Turkish), pp. 63-93. (Soon to be published by the Utah University Pres)

2001 “Turkey’s Relations with the Balkan States: 1980-2000,” in Baskin Oran, ed., Turkish Foreign Policy, 1980-2000, vol. II, Istanbul, Iletisim. (In Turkish). (Soon to be published by the Utah University Pres)

2001 “Turkey’s Relations with the United States:1980-2000” in Baskin Oran, ed., Turkish Foreign Policy, 1980-2000, vol.II, Istanbul, Iletisim, pp. 73-93, 243-325 (In Turkish). (Soon to be published by the Utah University Press)

2001 “The Balkans: Turkey’s Stabilizing Role,” in Barry Rubin and Kemal Kirisci, eds., Turkey in World Affairs, Boulder, Lynne Reinner, pp.49-69.

2001 “Finishing the Unfinished Revolution: Return of Yugoslavia to Europe,” Perceptions, March-May, pp. 151-165.
1998 “Kosovo: Nationalism and the Politics of International Intervention,” Turkish Review of Balkan Studies, vol. 4, pp. 203-234.

1998 “Problems of Civilianization and Democratization in Turkish Foreign Policy: the Case of the Gulf War,” Review of the Faculty of Political Science, vol. 35, no. 1-4, pp. 307-326. (In Turkish)

1998 “The Role of Muslim Minorities in Interstate Relations in the Balkans,” in Shashi Jha, ed., Ethnicity and Nation-Building in Eastern Europe, New Delhi, pp. 143-173.

1997 “The Welfare Party, the West and the Double Headed Foreign Policy,” Mülkiyeliler Birliği Dergisi (Ankara) 1997, pp. 45-56. (In Turkish)

1992 “From Socialism to Nationalism: The Revival of Nationalism in Yugoslavia,” Review of the Faculty of Political Science (December 1992). (In Turkish).


2008 “Turkey and the Mediterranean,” India and the Mediterranean Region, International Conference, Center for West Asia, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi (March 9)

2008 “The Moderate Islamists as a New Neoliberal Actor in Turkey” Transition to Neoliberalism in Middle Income Countries, organized by the Turkish Social Science Association, Middle East Technical University, Ankara. (February 15)

2007 “NATO and the Balkans,” Transatlantic Challenges, European Research Center-NATO Joint Conference, Ankara (November 30)

2007 “The Role of Social Structures in the Definition of Non-Traditional Security Issues,” The First Annual Convention of the Consortium on Non-Traditional Security Issues in Asia, Colombo, Sri Lanka (November 6)

2005 “Turkey’s Triple Transformation: The Self, the Ideology and the State under the AKP Government,” Middle East and Central Asia Conference, University of Utah (September 8-11)

2005 “Securitization in Turkey: The Flaws of Nationalist and Liberal Perspectives,” Securitization and Foreign Policy, Sabanci University, Istanbul (May 25).

2004 “The Changing Conception of Sovereignty and Turkish Foreign Policy” Globalization and Turkish Foreign Policy, Faculty of Political Science, Ankara, (December).

2004 “From Balkans to Southeastern Europe: Success in Multinational Peacekeeping” Change and Adaptation: Contemporary Security Challenges and NATO, (May 14-15) Antalya

2004 “Turkey and the Balkans” Conference series: Turkey in Five Seas Basin,
Faculty of Political Science (May 5) Ankara

2004 “The Perception of Security and Democratization in Turkey,” Institute of Turkish Studies, Georgetown University, Washington DC, (February)

2001 “Between Integration and Disintegration: the State of the Transition Process in the Balkans” Istanbul, Boğaziçi University, Changing Perceptions of Security in the Southeastern Europe, (April 2001)

1998 “Turkey’s Balkan Policy” Conference organized by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Political Science, Sarajevo (October 14)

1997 “Civilianization and Democratization in Foreign Policy,” The National Social Sciences Conference, organized by the Turkish Association of Social Sciences, Ankara (October 15)

1995 “Politics of Pragmatism: Turkish Foreign Policy in the 1980s,” Cambridge University, The Skilliter Center for Ottoman Studies (May)


2007 Member of the Working Group, Non-Traditional Security Issues

2005 Project “The Image of the Other in History Teaching” Council of Europe, Directorate General IV, Education, Culture, Heritage, Youth and Sports

2005 Member of the Southeast European Studies Association

1997 Member of the Turkish Social Sciences Association

1990 Member of the Editorial Board of Mülkiyeliler Birliği Journal


Theory of International Relations (undergraduate)
Turkish Foreign Policy (undergraduate and graduate)
Foreign Policy Analysis (undergraduate)
Regional Politics: the Balkans (undergraduate)
Readings in International Relations Theory (graduate)
Current Issues in World Politics (undergraduate)


Network Partner on the topic of “Religious-Culture based Threat” to the Project “Europe under Threat: The New Culture of Insecurity” by International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO) carried out under Dr Peter Burgess

Currently working on an article on the transformation of Islamists and its implications on Turkish domestic and foreign policy

Currently editing a book on the foreign policies of the Great Powers



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